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Eyes of Mystery
So bright your eyes of mystery upon
still wretchedness and short despair, so that,
come goodly sacrifice of nerve (all fear-
does faintness, sorrow all to disappear)-
does fill those slots up to their very brim
with courage, beauty- yes, and love enow-
and darkness figures onto sorrow's brow-
ah! frightful visage- so do I grow dim!
does love trespass my steely heart, your eyes-
some glimmer godly born and praised, so that,
my terror seized, your light all 'round my soul-
take forth my woe and dare replace that coal-
some firmer stuff- with mystery-born fluff
(a lighter texture, of desired form)
and move, through darkness, into lighter plains;
reform, through likeness, into Love's great pains.
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Do you see me glow?
Do you see me glow?
I am the moon,
and you, the sun;
see how your radiance is reflected
on my skin when you are present;
and see how I embrace darkness
when you are covered and out of sight-
a stark depression engulfing me,
so that I am invisible-
no longer existent,
'til you return and so revive me!
:iconlornkeit:Lornkeit 1 3
A bee's hum is heard
A bee's hum is heard
but from an awful distance;
is it heard pleasant then:
but not 'pon furrowed brow
yet once safety's armor dressed,
belies and hardens flesh
to seem impenetrable?
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Disabled Automaton
Disabled automaton
why dost thou still function
within the realms of worlds closed off
for beings lost as ye?
Existence destined wanton,
living now with nary gumption-
not even to doff
superiority's claim o'er thee
who, through experiments awry, were lain
down ne'er to know joys again;
maneuvering ever in malcontent:
an aged creature in anguish bent.
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It feels electric when we touch;
one visage 'pon the other-
two fires meeting under-
static binding flesh together
as our hearts erupt-
a fleeting breath delights my cheek-
shivers my soul-
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Untitled IV
That memory will remain with me
the discord between us
and the day-
the rancorous clouds-
our wondrous love-
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Untitled III
You are what inspires me
to respire;
what alone keeps still
that very breath
endeavoring upon your lips-
the warmth blending together
with the air above us-
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I reap appeal
I reap appeal from that damaged face,
loathe take ardor from another place;
grow wont to mend with darning kiss
a scarred face that endures amiss,
sustaining aught- but artifice-
as Love unites with kindly lace.
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Do you know the dove's song
Do you know the Dove's song
of Love and Admiration?
The rise and plummet of its beak,
while trills sound Desperation?
Fluttering, withering, ever long-
shorn of consolation-
'til its throat is sore, so at its peak
it bows, it dies: robbed its Adoration.
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Untitled II
I see the falsehood in your smile;
perceive the darkness underneath.
It is that gaze that stills my guile-
a sword within its partnered sheath-
and once that color is revealed,
your eyes expose a blacker soul;
to your agonies and sorrows I have kneeled:
the pious among a God of coal!
Neither pity, worry, forge this adoration;
know true love dares kiln its orchestration!
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It is as when
It is as when the fountain bursts;
as when the mist accumulates
on cloth, perhaps,
or flesh;
no transition
from peace to chaos;
from aether to mortals.
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       My eyes moved slowly right
as the vehicle I was in continued its steadfast pursuit.
       There I espied a plain, long and steady,
with many wheat and grasses extended heavenly,
       gently coordinating with the wind all around-
where they met with a child- frolicking- waving-
       her arms to the sky so brisk and clear,
from whence came a breeze most strong all about her,
       which carried her hair-
grasped at her dress- twirling to elevation-
       then down came another
around her enclosing- utterly grabbing-
:iconlornkeit:Lornkeit 0 0
Colors of mourning
The color of mourning is black,
yet for you I cleave it;
when of your death I reminisce
I dare not therein dwell,
within the depths of sorrow, wretchedness,
but wherein your life reigned.
Think not,
infertile queen,
that your empire remains barren:
in your stead are many whom your graces
(of luxurious chambers born)
have elaborated and forevermore deigned
superior by colors of mornings
and days,
when you expelled from yourself a smile
into the depths of souls, enlightening
children whose love you needed not to,
but still, forevermore, gained.
And so our colors of mourning
are of days and mornings,
and even of the darker lights that glow
when the sun, retreating, leaves but a ray
in that bitter sky, entreating,
for the joys and laughter of earlier days.
:iconlornkeit:Lornkeit 1 1
This bed is ever crowded-
This bed is ever crowded-
eternal flanking god,
darker hair than
of brown-
and the warmth causes agitation-
fleeting beats of hearts,
together in an embrace of
conjointly warming-
while the sand is billowing beneath-
rolling around the other,
caressing slowly the brow of its
in love; of utter adoration!
:iconlornkeit:Lornkeit 0 1
Tanned beauty
Tanned beauty-
origins unknown-
your eyes crush me
as does that brutal orb upon the sinking vessel
within which is cradled-
lovingly, cherished-
the warm host of that groaning creature
now encapsulated by eternity's hold;
weeping rises that desperate thing
within whom lies hope,
assessing that gaze which dares enrapture-
as if civility and rage-
eternal foes-
could meet and love the other-
as did moon and ship when first they met.
:iconlornkeit:Lornkeit 0 1
While of a quickened step
‘Twas while I was of a quickened step possessed that my eyes first beheld that beauty which altered my every movement. Quickness then stifled (for I was astonished by the sight before me), I was left incapable of any action but to take in all of it that was before me: I fully absorbed the entirety of what was the existence of a true angel.
With such light blue eyes I was pierced, and with such slight quiver my lips responded. There amongst a surrounding of my peers I hung, and I felt my senses being stolen away from me as my eyes focused further on the most wondrous sight they’d ever witnessed. Oh, what an incredulous creature this angel must have been, for I felt bereft of anything but it, and this rapture was of such a (seemingly) powerful source sprung, that I was assured at once of its heavenly birth.
There, while time collapsed, its head turned from me and glanced about at its surroundings- and perfection I then perceived: a pallor of such divine lightness illuminated an
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Well, I have a job now. I work at a Middle School; I won't go into much more detail than that. The pay is okay, and I get summers off. I haven't done much writing- I had an experience writing a long poem that got to be 36 pages on word before I decided that I hated it, and the mood to write since has sort of seemed unpleasant.

I'm going to be starting singing lessons tomorrow; the teacher that I found seems to have the same ideas that I do about singing, and, after looking her up online, I've discovered that I really enjoy her singing. Very hopeful, but nervous.

I'll try to bug myself for inspiration during Summer break.


United States
I don't like being asked to write, I don't like making myself write; I generally dislike revising- just because I obsess, though.

Current Residence: Annandale
Favourite genre of music: Opera
Favourite style of art: Poetry


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